Friday, 4 October 2013

Who's who at the conference 26th October

Our next speaker Stephen Dixon, MSc, IT Sligo will be discussing Archaeological and anthropological aspects of 'forced gathering' from within the Jewish Holocaust.  

The concept of 'forced gathering' has been researched from an archaeological, anthropological and memory driven perspective. Individual components such as liminality, monumentality, the built environment and landscape theory highlight Nazi segregation policies. 

After the initial use of propaganda policy by the National Socialist Party that fuelled the already present culture of anti-semitism, a significant and sinister shift in decision-making witnessed a move from persecution to exclusion  that saw major cities ‘holding’ Jews in purposefully manufactured locations, a preparatory step towards genocide.

Ghettoization facilitated the next stage in the process, deportation by train to extermination centres, as communities were despatched from ‘round-up’ points to ‘unknown destinations’ further east.  You can read more on this very disturbing but fascinating paper on the confirmed speakers page.  

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