Sunday, 20 October 2013

Who's who at the conference 26th October

Our last speaker of the day is Patrick Gleeson MA, UCC and his paper is entitled 'Gathering the Nations: Kingdoms, Communities and Civil Society in Early Medieval Ireland'. 

In early medieval Ireland there was a hierarchy of kingship in which each level or scale of political community would have had a specific landscape set aside for the purposes of assembly.  This paper will focus on the archaeological and toponymic footprint of assembly practices within a Northwest European context. It will examine how these places were utilised by different scales of community to address issues pertaining to the nature and development of their society, and how these landscapes and practices were implicated in broader process of polity building, and the origins of regional and national scales of identity. 

If you find Patrick's paper interesting and would like to hear more about what he has to say why not book your place at the conference where you can listen to his full paper and maybe ask him some questions about his fascinating research.

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