Sunday, 6 October 2013

Who's who at the conference 26th October

Prof. Clark McPhail will be followed by James Bonsall, University of Bradford, Earthsound Archaeological Geophysics, Dr. Chris Gaffney, University of Bradford, Prof. Vince Gaffney, University of Birmingham, Heather Gimson, Earthsound Archaeological Geophysics, Robert M. Chapple, William Dunlop Archaeological Photographic Archive, Irish Radiocarbon and Dendrological Dates:

Tonight we’re going party like it’s 1985! The Archaeology of Festivals in Geophysical Data.
In recent years archaeological geophysicists have investigated landscapes from two countries that identified similar patterns of archaeological remains from two distinct yet contemporary cultural groups. This paper will investigate known gatherings of large volumes of people to determine what archaeological investigations can suggest about similar large-scale events of the deep past. 

If you are curious about this paper and find it interesting you can read the complete extract on our confirmed speakers page. Better still why not take the opportunity to book your ticket for the conference.

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