Sunday, 20 October 2013

Who's who at the conference 27th October

Our Sunday morning session begins with a paper by Dr Una MacConville, Visiting Fellow, Centre for Death and Society at the University of Bath, UK.  Her paper is entitled 'Gatherings on the ‘Far side banks of Jordan’'.

Perceiving the presence of deceased relatives gathering around a terminally ill person—more commonly referred to as deathbed visions—is a relatively frequent experience in the last weeks and days of life. While the evidence for gatherings of this form is non-material and thus difficult to capture, deathbed visions are well documented, in the historical record and also in early medical textbooks. 

This paper will present results of a recent Irish study with health care professionals regarding their observations and understandings of these experiences and will review the considerable international research on this form of gathering. 

The full extract of Dr McConville's gripping discourse can be found on our confirmed speakers page. Time is running out to book your place at the conference so why not take this opportunity to register for your ticket.

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