The conference proceedings have now been published as a fully peer-reviewed volume. Details of the contents and contributors can be found here

Gatherings: Past and Present: Proceedings from the 2013 Archaeology of Gatherings International Conference at IT Sligo, Ireland.

Edited by Fiona Beglane

Contributors: Ian Armit, Edel Barry, Fiona Beglane, Julie M. Bond, James Bonsall, Chris Carey, Robert M, Chapple, Julia E. M. Cussans, Stephen Davis, Stephen J. Dockrill, Heather Gimson, Patrick Gleeson, Hans K. Hognestad, Jo T. McKenzie, Clark McPhail, Una MacConville, CaitrĂ­ona Moore, Sam Moore, Louise Nugent, Elizabeth Richley, Stuart Tyson Smith

To learn more about this book or to purchase copies, visit the BAR website

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